HR shipping Co., Ltd. provides total ship management
international shipping agency service to coastal and ocean-going vessels

HR SHIPPING's human resources development aims to provide employees with equal
and fair opportunities to promote work efficiency and achievement.
Employees who have grown through development and
human resource development contribute to the company's development.

Recruitment Procedure
Job Application
Job application will be delivered to the company recruiter (Application forms received through on-line will be kept for 1 year. If you want to change the form after filling out, please enter 6 digits in front of your name and resident registration number). The application form must be completed by the applicant and employment can be canceled if the contents of the application are false or untrue.
Application can be accepted only through. We will conduct interviews according to the recruitment plan and will contact you individually if you have passed the screening process.
Successful applicant
Diploma, transcript, language certificate, career certificate (career applicant) must be submitted.
Confirmation of employment
The person who passed the interview will be notified separately for the date of join and asked for required documents.
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