Beyond ship management & Agency company


HR Shipping complies with all international regulations and industry regulations
We will become a company that provides a safe working environment and gives you trust.


  • 01
    Follow a regulation

    All activities of the company shall observe the ISM/ISPS code, ISO9001:2015 and other international statute, regulations & industrial requirements.

  • 02
    Safety first

    Placing the highest priority on the health and safety of all personnel of the company by providing for safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment.

  • 03
    Customer satisfaction

    Company shall grasp customer requirements and provide the service where the customer satisfy.

  • 04
    Accident prevention

    Company shall establish safety devide & assessment for all risks which has been identified for ship, ship's crew, and environment and also shall prevent all hazardous factors and prepare for all the possible accidents.

  • 05
    Zero Spill

    Company shall minimize the discharge of environmental pollution materials and remove the causes of the waste of resoures by using the most effective method for resources with energy preservation and achieve Zero Spill by prevention activities of pollution incident.

  • 06
    No Drugs, No Alcohol

    Company shall execute surely the measure for Drugs & Alcohol according to the company procedure.

  • 07
    Continuous improvement

    Company shall make continuous improvement for the efficiency of SQMS

  • 08
    Sailors and ships & cargo protection.

    As we fully implement according to the ISPS code with domestic law in order to protect ship's crew, cargoes and ship from the rids of a security incident such as security accident, security breaches or threat.

  • 09
    Minimize points

    Company shall minimize the deficiencies at the time of PSC and other external inspection, and establish a safety devide so that it is not identified continuously and prevent the possibility of occurrence.

- Date of Approval2018-04-15