Denial of collecting Email

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Denial of collecting Email

Please be aware that e-mail addresses posted on this website are refused to be collected without permission using e-mail collection programs or other technology devices, and that violations will be criminally punished by the Information and Communication Network Act of Korea.

Article 50-2 of the Information and Communication Network Act of Korea (Prohibition of unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses, etc.)

1. No person shall collect e-mail addresses using a program or other technical device that automatically collects e-mail addresses on an Internet homepage where the intention to refuse to collect e-mail addresses is stated.
2. No person shall sell or distribute e-mail addresses collected in violation of the rule, paragraph-1.
3. No person shall know that it is an e-mail address prohibited from collecting, selling, and distributing pursuant to the paragraphs 1 and 2 and use it for the transmission of information.